1.      Where is the Braby’s Futurebride Bridal & Beauty Experience taking place?

A.     The Globe, Suncoast 

2.      How much are the tickets? 

A.       R90

3.      Can we book online?

A.      Yes – via iticket

4.      I have a question about my ticket purchase, who should I contact?

A.      Please contact iticket online

5.      Can we get tickets at the door?

A.      Yes 

6.      What time does it start?

A.      Please see home page for times and dates and scroll down to the bottom of this page

7.      Will I be able to book for the fashion shows and workshops?

A.      First come first serve basis

8.     Who will be participating at the fashion shows and workshops?

A.      Please scroll down to the bottom of this page

9.   Are children allowed at this event? Is there a discounted ticket for them?

A.      Yes – children under 12 are free. Over 12 is normal rate 

10.    Will there be food and beverages available at this event?

A.      Yes

11.    I represent a brand, how can I apply to be at a Bridal & Beauty Experience?

A.      Please contact Justine 0823780279

12.    I can’t find an answer here, what should I do?

A.      Please contact Justine 0823780279


Contact us

Contact Justine Snyman on: 
+27 82 378 0279
 to book your prime position.




Dates and Times

Friday the 1st – Sunday the 3rd of March 2019

Friday the 1st 17:00pm – 21:00pm
Saturday the 2nd 09:00am – 17:00pm
Sunday the 3rd 09:00am – 17:00pm

Book Online:

 Fashion Shows: